Fund the causes you care about by answering easy questions on our app
Don’t wait for “one day” to make an impact.
Wish you could do more to create meaningful change?
You no longer need to wait for “one day…”
Have your influence make an impact
Sharing your opinions online doesn't really change anything.
Focusloop lets you harness the power of your opinion to fund the change you want to see in the world.
With Focusloop you get paid to give companies your insight, one question at a time. Use that money for your own expenses or to contribute to the causes you care about! By looping in friends, you can combine your efforts and raise even more money for the cause. Now you really can have the influence you deserve. Now you can change the world with just your voice!
We get it.
We understand how frustrating it is to be powerless.You want to do something now that makes an impact,but you don’t have the resources or influence.
Now you can focus on what matters.
We can help.
  • Join thousands of "Loopers" finally being heard.
  • Your data is secure when you share with us.
  • Proudly based in the US, living in communities like yours.
Join our other partners already increasing their impact:
Stop adding to the noise on social media.
Use your valuable opinion to fund the changes you want in the world.
DO something about it instead of just talking.
Take the money that usually goes to big tech and focus it on what matters to you!
Be the change you want to see
Put your opinion to work
Get compensated for sharing your opinion and use the cash to fund your favorite charity.
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Loop others into your cause
Strengthen your voices
Put the focus on what you care about. Together you can make an ever greater impact.
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Quick Earnings
Get paid $1 for each response
Every time you answer a question from an organization, you get paid $1 per response, regardless of how you answer.
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New Question Notifications
So you don’t miss a chance to contribute
Companies only need a certain number of responses. If you’re not quick enough, someone else will fill the need and fund their cause.
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Special Deals & Discounts
The power of reciprocity
You’re doing good in the world. You deserve a break on the things you need most.
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Share because you Care.
The Power to Make Change is in Community
Bring your friends into your loop. “Community Loops” are groups of Loopers that all care about making a difference for a specific cause or organization.
You can gain access to more loops, or start your own. When you combine your voices, and more importantly your financial mite, it’s possible to make a significant impact NOW.
Enough talk… Invite your people. Help inform them. Take ACTION together.
Create meaningful change with just the power of your thoughts.
Be aware. Be engaged. Be in the Loop.
Are you a business looking for an easier way to reach motivated customers?
See how Focusloop can help you locate your ideal customers instantly and market directly to them anytime, in one simple app.
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